Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Weigh In - Yee Haw!

And if I may toot my own horn just a little - YEE HAW 1KG DOWN!  I was quite surprised, because I fell off the wagon a bit over the weekend - yes Mish, you can stick your boot in my bum, I did have a little bit of a "last hurruh".  I was expecting maybe 500g if I was lucky!

I discovered the most delicious yoghurt yesterday - if you love yoghurt and coffee, The Yoghurt Shop make an absolutely stunning cappucino yoghurt!  Sadly, it's over 200 calories per tub :(.  But, fear not...I'm going to have a crack at reproducing a low fat, lower calorie version with the EasiYo tonight - so far looks like it would work out around 165 cals.  Mmmmmmmmm, coffee yoghurt...

In other news, I made the miraculous discovery that not only do I have triceps, they hurt like hell when I push it at pump the night before.  I've woken up this morning accompanying all my movements with a lilting "owwwww".  Which, I suppose, is good...right?  Good pain, good pain!

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