Friday, March 4, 2011

Meal plan, what meal plan?

Right, I've got a confession to make.

I have barely followed the meal plan at all this week.  I've kept it at or under 1,200 cals a day, but um yeah...have so not been cooking what Mish said to cook!

I'm trying to decide if this counts as falling off the wagon or not?  I'm hoping to be more meal plan focussed next week - in fact one of my jobs tonight once the midgets are in bed is to go through the meal plan and the fridge/pantry and make up a game plan for next week, including shopping list.

However, again, I suspect I'll be making a fair few changes to Mish's plan.  Why?  Well, for starters, some of it is just too darn expensive - I simply can't afford to buy rump steak for dinner!  While I was eating too much, and badly, before - it was still very cheap food.  Home brand pasta, budget beef mince, etc.  At the moment I'm spending more money to eat less food - which just doesn't make sense.

Secondly, I just plain do not like some of the stuff on Mish's plan.  Yes, yes, new things and all.  And some of it, I'm happy to give a go - e.g the trevalla fillets, even though I don't really like fish.  I drew the line at prawns though - I absolutely detest them, they are expensive and darned if I'm going to spend good money on pricey food that makes me want to chunder!

So...what are your thoughts?  Am I on or off the wagon with this one?


  1. I'm not doing the challenge obviously, BUT... if you are keeping under the 1200 calories per day, and are trying to use her food as a guide, really, is it a problem?

    I was interested to see your calorie intake is <1200 per day... I had been cautioned to go under that (by myfitnesspal I think?) that it can send the body into starvation mode... so I'd been trying to keep right on 1200 and not much over or under... even with factoring in the exercise and all that, I try to keep it the same.

    We used to follow the "Symply too Good to be True" books for recipes, actually still do.... however, if you follow them word for word, it can be very expensive to go that way. We go for home brand versions of things like stock, rather than the brand they say... so yeah, its not going to be nutritionally exactly the same, but near enough. I remember thinking how expensive it was to setup for those recipes, but then we keep a lot of those items as the norm now, and it doesn't seem as expensive.

  2. I don't think it's a huge problem, no. I know MFP whinges about the days my cals are under 1,200 - however Mish does say you are allowed to NOT use your 300cal snack allowance (which would mean eating 900 cals a day), depending on how fast you want to drop the weight.

    So, I'm fairly OK with doing that.