Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 2 Weigh In - Race to half way!

Phew.  It has been a massive week in this house.  Some really big personal devastation that threatened to de-rail me over the weekend, but aside from one weak moment of comfort eating, I managed to stay on track with my cals (not so much with training :( ) and still lost 900g.  Which brings me under 80kg for the first time in four years!  So, that's a massive mini milestone for me.  Now it is ON like donkey kong to get to 15kg down and the half way point for my 30 by 30 goal.  So, how quick do you think I can lose 2.9kg guys? :D

Doing my step class this morning had me mulling the many benefits of classwork over solo gym sessions or home DVDs (which can all be awesome too, of course).  For me, it's several things:

  • I push myself that little bit harder in a class, because of the implied peer pressure; I don't want others to think I am slacking off.  Of course, today, this lead me to pushing myself so enthusiastically that at one point I missed the step during a jump and landed square on the ass!
  • I can quite literally see my goal in front of me, in all the fit, toned and terrific people in the class.  Of course there is a mixture of age and abilities in every class - I like to find someone with the same body type as me, but in much better shape, and use her as my motivation (I am doing this so I can look like that)
  • I don't have to "do" anything other than stay for the class and do what I'm told, for as long as I'm told.  There's someone right up there showing me what to do when - it's like packet mix cake; all you do is follow the directions and you know you'll get the result!
That said, tomorrow I can't make it to the pump class, so it'll be a solo weights work out for me!


  1. This place needs a like button :)

    I've found a cool app on my phone which may be of use for your training at home... will PM you :)

  2. Ask and you shall receive, Kristan - "Like" button implemented :D.