Thursday, March 10, 2011

My (re)commitment to you - and to me!

So, week four is almost upon us already and I need to recommit to myself - and to the world - what I am going to do in the 12WBT.  Not try.  Not hope for.  WILL ACHIEVE!

I will...get under 80kg, getting me out of the "Obese" category and into merely "overweight"
I able to run 8km

This is my word to you.  I've been eating clean so far, but haven't been training very well and that is going to change right now.  I did a Pump class last night thanks to a lovely friend who came to look after the children (after my "suddenly single" experience a bit over a week ago, it's no longer nearly so easy to get to the gym).  Tonight, somewhere in amongst all my tasks, I will find the time for a run on the treadmill.  We're going camping tomorrow and I will train while we are gone.

I'm headed to a wedding a week after finale and I am going to rock up there looking HAWT! :)

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