Thursday, March 3, 2011

So, do you want it? What will you do to get it?

I watched Mish's Week 2 mindset video last night, and it could not be more perfectly synchronised with some things that are going on in my life right now.  Of course, her video was largely focused on diet and training issues, but I think you can replace those with just about anything and it is a recipe for life.

The crux of it is this - view the times you stumble in life not as failures, but face them with humility, total responsibility for your actions as an opportunity to change.  A huge message that I think we all need a reminder of from time to time.

To a large extent, we can't change the things that happen in our lives.  But we can set ourselves up to handle them better, to put them in perspective of the things that we want out of life and use each and every one as an opportunity to cement the path to get there, not create side roads of misery or sabotage ourselves by constantly looking for a bail out point.  If we reject failure as an option, all we are left with is opportunities to work towards our goals.

It's a reminder that we need set our course with total commitment to the journey, no matter how tough it is.  Because our destination is so dear to our hearts that we must arrive there, we must do what it takes, whatever it takes, to get there.  We will humble ourselves, work and sacrifice to ensure that we arrive.  The key is to remember that whatever you are doing, you are freely choosing to do it - and commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to get there.  And the view when we get there will be spectacular.

Eyes on the prize, guys.  How much do YOU want it?

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